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Booklets (packs of 5)

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  • 5-Pack A Guide To Spiritual Life

    5-Pack A Guide To Spiritual Life $7.50

    Item No. 008006 A respected monk and spiritual father from Mount Athos describes the basics of Othodox spirituality for the beginner or seeker. Written by a monastic for lay people, this helpful book also includes a...

  • new full-color cover design

    5-Pack Abortion: What Does the Church Teach? $7.50

    Item No. 008012 Rarely has the contemporary Orthodox Church spoken with greater unanimity then in the eloquent Amicus Curiae brief presented to the Supreme Court in 1989. With authority and conviction, this document...

  • 5-Pack An Orthodox Posture on Yoga

    5-Pack An Orthodox Posture on Yoga $7.50

    Item No. 008351 Is yoga a system of physical exercise and relaxation, or the deceptive doorway into a religion antithetical to Christianity? The answer is yes. Christine Mangala Frost, who was raised Hindu, converted to...

  • now with a new full-color cover

    5-Pack Building A Habit of Prayer $7.50

    Item No. 007999 More than just a prayerbook, this booklet contains practical guidelines for the lay person on how to develop a workable "Rule of Prayer." Learn how to build the habit of prayer into your life. To order a...

  • New color cover available soon

    5-Pack Building an Orthodox Christian Home $7.50

    Item No. 008026 Temporarily out of stock; more available February 2017. Is it possible to raise a Christian family in an increasingly post-Christian age? As a mother of six, author and editor Ginny Nieuwsma speaks from...

  • new full-color cover design

    5-Pack Call No Man Father $7.50

    Item No. 007997 Jesus said, "Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven." Why, then, do millions of Christians refer to their earthly priests as "Father"? A clear answer to this...

  • 5-Pack Communion: A Family Affair

    5-Pack Communion: A Family Affair $7.50

    Item No. 008011 "Why can't I receive communion in the Orthodox Church?" This much-needed booklet is written to help explore this sensitive issue from the perspective of the historic Orthodox Faith and her understanding of...

  • 5-Pack Confession: The Healing Sacrament

    5-Pack Confession: The Healing Sacrament $7.50

    Item No. 008016 Explores the reality of sin and discusses our need to accept its devastating results in our lives. Rather than trying to explain sin away or ignore it, we must confront it directly and repent of it through...

  • 5-Pack Cultist At My Door

    5-Pack Cultist At My Door $7.50

    Item No. 008010 From her very beginning, the Church has struggled to defend the truth taught by Jesus Christ to His disciples against false teachings. Two of the major challenges to Orthodox Christianity America has...

  • 5-Pack Dealing With Grief

    5-Pack Dealing With Grief $7.50

    Item No. 008009 Warm pastoral advice on how to deal with grief, based on the author's personal experiences. Discusses the natural outworkings of the grief process for Christians and offers positive steps toward healing. To...

  • 5-Pack Discovering the Prophecies of Christ

    5-Pack Discovering the Prophecies of Christ $7.50

    Item No. 008641 The centerpiece of all biblical prophecy is that which concerns the coming of the Messiah. Learn about the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah and how the New Testament explains the fulfillment of those...

  • 5-Pack Entering God's Kingdom

    5-Pack Entering God's Kingdom $7.50

    Item No. 007994 A clear and concise guide explaining the "how-tos" of becoming a Christian and the necessary steps involved in moving from commitment to new birth in Christ. To order a single copy of this booklet, please...

  • 5-Pack Facing Up To Mary

    5-Pack Facing Up To Mary $7.50

    Item No. 008005 Why is it important to honor Mary and call her "blessed"? This booklet will lay to rest much of the contemporary confusion concerning Mary, and will provide help for those seeking to understand her role in...

  • 5-Pack Finding The New Testament Church

    5-Pack Finding The New Testament Church $7.50

    Item No. 008003 Traces the continuing history of the Church from New Testament times until today. Explains the underlying causes for the major divisions within Christianity, especially centering on the break between Roman...

  • new full color cover design

    5-Pack Forgiveness & Reconciliation $7.50

    Item No. 008024 What does it mean to truly forgive? Why is it so hard to forgive those closest to you? How do you forgive other people when they've hurt you, and how do you seek forgiveness and reconciliation when you have...

  • New full-color cover

    5-Pack Give Thanks To God $7.50

    Item No. 008020 A call for young adults to make a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church. Reveals three lies Satan uses to keep us away from church, and three reasons to make church attendance a lifetime...

  • 5-Pack Heaven and Hell: The Divine Fire of God's Love

    5-Pack Heaven and Hell: The Divine Fire of God's Love $7.50

    Item No. 008025 Few subjects are so misunderstood in the twenty-first century as those relating to the afterlife and the nature of heaven and hell. In this insightful booklet, author and priest James Bernstein provides a...

  • 5-Pack Heavenly Worship

    5-Pack Heavenly Worship $7.50

    Item No. 007998 How is it possible to experience ultimate fulfillment in life? "Through true worship of the Holy Trinity," states the author. Discover how to worship God "in the Holy of Holies." To order a single copy of...

  • 5-Pack How To Read Your Bible

    5-Pack How To Read Your Bible $7.50

    Item No. 008007 Have you been longing for a better working knowledge of the Scriptures and a more intimate familiarity with their Divine Author? Sets forth the basics of personal Bible study from a truly Orthodox...

  • 5-Pack Infant Baptism: What The Church Believes

    5-Pack Infant Baptism: What The Church Believes $7.50

    Item No. 008022 Many Christians are surprised to learn that by the second century A.D. the practice of infant baptism was commonplace in the Church. Early Christians accepted it as having been handed down directly from the...

  • 5-Pack Mary, Ever-Virgin

    5-Pack Mary, Ever-Virgin $7.50

    Item No. 008023 Every sincere Christian acknowledges that Christ was born of a Virgin. But from earliest times, the Church has also held that Mary remained a virgin even after giving birth to the Holy Child. How is this so?...

  • now with a new full-color cover

    5-Pack No Graven Image $7.50

    Item No. 007996 An apologetic for icons and their proper use, written with a sympathetic eye towards those whose misunderstandings grow from a lack of information or unfamiliarity with Orthodox thought. To order a single...

  • 5-Pack Orthodoxy: Jewish and Christian

    5-Pack Orthodoxy: Jewish and Christian $7.50

    Item No. 007995 From the son of a Jewish rabbi living in Jerusalem to "Jews for Jesus" evangelical Christian to Orthodox priest. Meet Father James Bernstein and follow his search for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...

  • 5-Pack Practical Prayer

    5-Pack Practical Prayer $7.50

    Item No. 008000 Discusses many aspects of prayer: personal and corporate, liturgical and spontaneous; and the practice of the Jesus Prayer. Very warm and personal, from an interview with this noted author. To order a...

  • new full-color cover

    5-Pack Prayer And The Departed Saints $7.50

    Item No. 007993 What happens to the soul after death? Are the departed still aware of us on earth? What justification is there for praying for someone who has already departed, or for asking their prayers for us? What does...

  • 5-Pack Scripture and Tradition

    5-Pack Scripture and Tradition $7.50

    Item No. 008004 With over 22,000 different Christian denominations and sects in existence today, how can we know whose interpretation of the Bible is correct? Find out how Holy Tradition provides the valuable missing link...

  • 5-Pack Sexual Purity: God's Plan for a Fulfilled Life

    5-Pack Sexual Purity: God's Plan for a Fulfilled Life $7.50

    Item No. 009014 In our society, even Christians often do not understand the imporance of maintaining sexual purity within or outside of marriage. Fr. Lawrence Farley offers a compelling case for upholding the Church's...

  • 5-Pack The Cross of Christ

    5-Pack The Cross of Christ $7.50

    Item No. 008019 Why was it necessary for Christ to suffer and die on the Cross? Starting with the Middle Ages, many western theologians began to teach that Christ suffered to propitiate (appease) the wrath of an angry God...

  • 5-Pack The Mission of Orthodoxy

    5-Pack The Mission of Orthodoxy $7.50

    Item No. 008008 This powerful message calls for a "new form of monasticism without celibacy and without the desert." Provides a vision for the future of Orthodoxy in North America, and a crystal-clear agenda for reaching...

  • New full-color cover design

    5-Pack The Nation of Israel in Prophecy $7.50

    Item No. 008018 Why do many evangelicals embrace today's Israel as having a "manifest destiny" to the land of Palestine? Popular author, speaker, and evangelist Fr. Peter Gillquist explains how the rapture theory has taken...

  • 5-Pack The Original Christian Gospel

    5-Pack The Original Christian Gospel $7.50

    Item No. 008108 The original Christian Gospel of the infinite, saving love of God has been twisted over the centuries in the Western Church into various false, juridical theories of salvation. Fr. James Bernstein refutes...

  • New color cover

    5-Pack Theosis: Partakers of the Divine Nature $7.50

    Item No. 008021 The Apostle Peter once reminded readers that through Christ, they were "partakers of the divine nature." What is the meaning of this profound statement? How is it possible for human beings to be united to...

  • 5-Pack Tithing

    5-Pack Tithing $7.50

    Item No. 008001 Beginning with the Old Testament history and origins of tithing, this booklet traces New Testament and early Church thought on the subject and offers an apologetic for the practice of tithing in the Orthodox...

  • 5-Pack What About the Non-Orthodox?

    5-Pack What About the Non-Orthodox? $7.50

    Item No. 008014 Without apology, Orthodoxy proclaims itself to be the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost. So how do Orthodox Christians look upon those outside the visible...

  • 5-Pack What Orthodox Christians Believe

    5-Pack What Orthodox Christians Believe $7.50

    Item No. 008002 What do Orthodox Christians believe about the Second Coming of Christ? About divorce? About abortion? About spiritual gifts? Compiled as a practical A to Z handbook of basic Orthodox teaching on a variety of...

  • 5-Pack When You Fast

    5-Pack When You Fast $7.50

    Item No. 008015 What is the true nature of fasting? What is the proper balance between the outward aspects of fasting and its inner unseen purpose? What is the relationship between prayer, fasting, and almsgiving? An...

  • new color cover design now available

    5-Pack Which Came First: The Church or The New Testament? $7.50

    Item No. 007992 Did the New Testament produce the Church, or was it a product of the Holy Spirit working through the Church? Who compiled the list of New Testament books now accepted by Christians? This booklet answers...

  • 5-Pack Why Go to Church?

    5-Pack Why Go to Church? $7.50

    Item No. 008508 What does it really mean to worship God? Why do we need to worship? Why can’t we worship alone in the woods as well as we can in church with our parish community? Fr. Andrew answers all these...

  • 5-Pack Why We Worship On Sunday

    5-Pack Why We Worship On Sunday $7.50

    Item No. 008017 Why do groups such as the Seventh Day Adventists worship on Saturday? Join popular author of Thirsting for God, Matthew Gallatin, on a journey through the New Testament and the Church Fathers and discover...

  • Literature Rack Program

    Literature Rack Program $295.00

    Item No. 002026 Membership package includes: A solid-oak and acrylic literature rack (25" x 25") 50 each of our 3 best-selling brochures (value $20 per pack) Timeline of Church History What on Earth is the...