Wood Shrine, Nativity (Angels) with incense

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Wood Shrine, Nativity (Angels) with incense. This lovely icon miniature is decorated with faux crystals and includes real incense in the slot in the frame. There is a protective plexiglass cover over the icon, and the wood shrine includes a hole for hanging on the back.

This icon of the Nativity of Christ contains beautiful symbolism and great theological depth. It reflects the realty and inner meaning of our Salvation History! Theologians often draw analogies between the icon of the Nativity and the Death and Resurrection of Christ. The central figure is the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus wrapped in "swaddling" cloth somewhat like Christ is wrapped in linen for his burial. St Joseph is portrayed with his hand pointing to the Christ Child.

The Holy Family is housed in a "cave" as Christ was laid on a slab in a cave for his burial before His glorious Resurrection. On top of this cave are worshiping angels and a ray from heaven representing the "star" that foretold the birth of the Christ Child. In this ray one can see a mandala around the unseen presence of the Holy Spirit From the abyss (darkness) are two animals representing mankind as "ox" and a “donkey.” The "ox" was a kosher animal and was used in art to sometimes represent the Jewish people. While the "donkey" was wild and not kosher representing the Gentiles.

Below the icon in each shrine are a few grains of incense as a symbol of our prayer - "Let my prayer arise as incense before Thy site." Each shrine is enhanced with red crystals (symbolizing Christ's Resurrection).

Made in Ukraine.


Dimensions: 4 x 5.5 inches

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