Valaam Monastery, Faith and Love (mp3 download)

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Item No. 009927D

Foi et Amour (Faith and Love) 

by the Choir of the Brotherhood of Valaam Monastery

in Church Slavonic

A collection of hymns from the Sunday liturgical cycle, sung in the chant style characteristic of Valaam Monastery. This recording brings the wonder and beauty of Valaam Chant to the interested listener.

Review by Benjamin Williams:

This release brings together a wonderful collection of hymns, superbly performed by the Valaam Brotherhood. The performance is very good, the chant rendition top notch, and the spiritual experience of listening thereto is, in a word, transcendent!

Artist: Choir of the Brotherhood of Valaam Monastery

Also available as a CD

Semantron-Call to prayer

Bell Ringing

Thy soul shall rejoice in the Lord

Bless the Lord, O my soul

O come, let us worship

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