The Service of a Funeral in the Orthodox Church (SPANISH LANGUAGE, digital download))

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Ancient Faith Publishing is pleased to provide these informational brochures free of charge for the benefit of our Spanish-speaking readers. In keeping with the stated mission of Ancient Faith which is to "edify, educate & evangelize", we are allowing readers to download and print this content for distribution within their local parishes and study groups.

This content is being provided in good faith. The brochures are owned by Ancient Faith Publishing and protected under U.S. Copyright Law. Accordingly, no part of these publications may be reproduced, sold, stored, or transmitted by any means (including electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or otherwise) except as described above, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

These brochures explain the basic elements of the three most common Orthodox services that non-Orthodox family and friends are likely to attend, emphasizing the ways in which these services differ from the typical Protestant or secular equivalents.

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