The Philokalia: The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality

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by Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris, with a preface by Stanley S. Harakas

This book helps to bring the Orthodox spirituality of the Philokalia out of the monastery into everyday living. It addresses the relevance today of the subjects covered by the Fathers of the Philokalia, e.g. Vigilance (nepsis), Ascesis, Overcoming the Passions, etc. It is not a book for theologians but for the average Orthodox lay person. Fr. Harakas writes, "Those who read this book will come to a deepening of their spiritual life. Their heart will be touched, moved, and warmed."


Author: Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris

Paperback: 302 pages

Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5 inches

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