The Law of God

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Item No. 000749

by Seraphim Slobodskoy, translated by Susan Price

This is an English edition of a classic Russian textbook designed for parents to teach their children "all the fundamental points of the Orthodox Christian faith and way of life." Because children are growing up quickly in a society that raises serious questions, the author strives to not teach in naive stories that remain stories only.

The book offers an overview of the whole of the Old and New Testaments as well as instruction on prayer, worship, and what it means to live by the teaching of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Illustrated with black and white photographs and icons. The 2011 printing has a green cover and a notch binding for durability.


Author: Seraphim Slobodskoy

Translator: Susan Price

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 6 X 9.25 inches

Page Length: 651 pages

Publisher: Other publisher

AFP SKU: 000749

Retail Price: $40.00

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