The Good Samaritan: A Children's Catechism

NEW 2023 EDITION published by Ancient Faith

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Item No. 9781955890427

by Fr. Michael Shanbour, illustrated by Nicholas Malara

The Good Samaritan is a first-of-its-kind catechism written specifically for young people (ages 6-12) to communicate the unchanging truths of the Orthodox Faith in the most accessible and engaging way. This beautifully illustrated, hard cover book follows the patristic model of sin as illness, Christ as the Medicine and the Church as the Hospital for the healing of the soul.

The introduction and thirteen interrelated chapters form a perfect kid-friendly catechism for use with priests, Sunday school teachers, and parents. Chapters can be read one at a time, as brief lessons, as bedtime story reading, or as part of a homeschooling curriculum.

In the catechism we are taken from life in Paradise (Lesson 1), through the Fall of Adam (Lesson 2) and the reality of sin (Lesson 3), and into life and redemption through Jesus Christ (Lesson 4). In The Church (Lesson 5) we then encounter Holy Tradition (Lesson 6), the dynamic "river" that runs through the midst of the Church and provides the living water for thirsty souls. The treasure of Holy Tradition then presents the Holy Mysteries of the Priesthood (Lesson 7), the Eucharist (Lesson 8), and Baptism (Lesson 9), along with Repentance and Confession (Lesson 10), all of which are essential for the health and salvation of our souls. Finally, Prayer (Lesson 11), Fasting (Lesson 12), and Almsgiving (Lesson 13) are shown to be the indispensable means of union with God and as life-giving manifestations of faith, hope, and love.

The text brings together Father Michael Shanbour's many years of work and interaction with young people (particularly pre-teen children) as a youth director and priest, for the purpose of sharing the fundamental truths of the Faith as taught and lived out in the Orthodox Christian Church. Nicholas Malara's illustrations help to bring the teachings to life.

Praise for The Good Samaritan: A Children's Catechism

"This lovely book presents the basics of the Orthodox faith in clear and gentle language, with beautiful illustrations. It will be helpful to parents and Sunday School teachers alike, and even adults who'd like to brush up on their understanding." -Frederica Mathewes-Green

"As a parent, priest, and homeschooling advocate I've often lamented that there are few solid resources for children's catechism. Fr. Michael, from his rich pastoral experience and his life in Christ has addressed this need in a biblical, patristic, thorough and kid-friendly way. He has threaded the needle carefully and faithfully in bringing the authentic truth to our contemporary youth, by unfolding the Faith in clear and compelling language. The vivid illustrations enhance the text immensely. Our Lord invites us deeply into the healing mysteries and practice of the Spiritual Hospital and this book opens the doors to our generations's youngsters with accuracy, sweetness, and knowledge of the issues of today's youth. I think that all parents and priests who take their most important responsibility seriously will join me in gratefully making this book available in parish libraries and bookstores as well as our own bookshelves and children's icon corners. Thanks for sharing your tender heart and your living faith, Fr. Michael!" -V. Rev. Fr. Noah Bushelli, Director of Homeschooling, Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America

Age Range: 6 – 12 years

Author: Fr. Michael Shanbour

Illustrator: Nicholas Malara

Hardcover: 120 pages

Dimensions: 8.75 x 11.25 inches

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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