The Age of Nihilism: Christendom from the Great War to the Culture Wars


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Item No. 9781955890236

by John Strickland

The Age of Nihilism: Christendom from the Great War to the Culture Wars - Paradise and Utopia: The Rise and Fall of What the West Once Was, VOLUME FOUR (of the four-volume history of Christendom)

In this final volume of the series, John Strickland tells the story of Christendom’s most tumultuous century. As nihilism began to cast its menacing shadow on the eve of the First World War, a self-styled "antichrist" named Friedrich Nietzsche and an obstinately Christian Fyodor Dostoevsky both offered ominous visions of what the West would become if "God is dead" and any moral act thus becomes permissible. Though total warfare seemed to confirm such predictions, a project arose in its wake to rebuild utopia with secular ideologies that, in the case of Nazism, opened the abyss even further. Communism and liberalism were left after the Second World War to compete for ultimate preeminence, but both would ultimately fail to replace the lost transcendence of the West’s deep first-millennium past. As the twenty-first century opened, utopia was as elusive as ever, and a culture of paradise once again beckoned to a civilization exhausted by centuries of secularism.

About the Author: John Strickland is an Orthodox priest and former college professor. His first book, The Making of Holy Russia, is a study of the resilience of Christianity in the modern world. An active blogger and podcaster, he brings to the present work a lifetime of reflection on the religious background of the West. He lives in western Puget Sound with his wife and five children.

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Author: John Strickland

Paperback: 416 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing

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