The Ancient Faith Singles Retreat ($250.00-$1125.00)

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The Ancient Faith Singles Retreat 30+

The Ancient Faith Singles Retreat 30+ is a gathering of Orthodox Christians who are at least 30 years of age, unmarried (single, divorced, widowed), and living in the world. The weekend will include daily matins and vespers, and Sunday Divine Liturgy. The group will participate in interactive, leader-led discussion sessions, opportunities for community service, games, and social activities, and free time for relaxation and fellowship.

Registering with 1 or 2 roommates? Please know the details of your roommate and event package needs before completing your registration! In the ADDITIONAL ROOMMATE INFO spaces provided above, enter the name, email address, and menu selection for each roommate. Separate the information with commas (Ex. Jane Smith,, Gluten-Free). As the registrant, your information will be provided during billing and checkout.

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Antiochian Village Conference Center
140 Church Camp Trail
Bolivar, PA 15923


Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Sunday, March 3, 2024

Event Package Details

Private room, 1 person, meals and sessions
This registration is for a private room and bath, all meals, and sessions for 1 person.

Shared private room, 2 people, meals and sessions
This registration is for a shared private room and bath, all meals, and sessions for 2 people.

Shared private room, 3 people, meals and sessions
This registration is for a shared private room and bath, all meals, and sessions for 3 people.

Meals and sessions only, 1 person
This registration is for daily attendance with no lodging. It includes all meals and sessions for 1 person (Fri-Sun).

*Registration costs will adjust based on Menu Selection.
**Refunds up to 30 days before the event. If room accommodations must be changed, we will not perform partial refunds or partial additional charges. All refunds will be in full, and a new registration must be purchased.


Fr. Paul Hodge: Finding Your Orthodox Christian Path: the Spirit, the Shepherd, and You
The Lord declared, 'many are called, but few are chosen' (Mt. 22:14) What does this mean? Fr. Thomas Hopko suggests, 'Some are rejected not because they have no vocation from God, but because they [do not know or] accept their calling.' Not everyone should be a priest or monastic, but every Christian has a calling. Considering how we are called by God, the Church, and one another, we will spend some time together to further discern what path, blessed of God, you may already be walking to the glory of His Name. (edited)

Mat. Melissa Naasko: Community and Messy Hospitality
Building community is an intentional act. In this session, we will workshop ways to use messy hospitality to build relationships.

Fr. Martin Johnson: Exercising Our Emotional Intelligence: Implications on Well Being, Sociability, and Connection.
Emotional intelligence is a name for our ability to identify and regulate our own emotions, to recognize the emotions of other people, and to use these abilities to communicate effectively and build healthy, productive relationships with others. In this session, we’ll practice identifying emotions that are being communicated and choosing helpful responses to them.

Molly Sabourin: Living in an Abundance Mindset
“Do not fight to expel the darkness from the chamber of your soul. Instead open a tiny aperture for light to enter and the darkness will disappear”.  - St. Porphyrios
In this session we will discuss the spiritual pitfalls of dwelling on darkness, then together we will brainstorm ways to access a light-filled resurrectional perspective on our trials and circumstances.

More Information

COVID-19 Information: Currently, there are no restrictions in place.

Who's Invited: The Ancient Faith Singles Retreat 30+ is for Orthodox singles who are at least 30 years old. This is an openly, joyfully Eastern Orthodox event. You do not have to be Orthodox to attend - if you want to be there, we want you there.

Roommates: Please note that Ancient Faith is NOT able to find you a roommate. You are responsible for finding your roommate and arranging to purchase your registration together. The price listed is the total price for room, board, and sessions. It should be divided in half for two roommates and in thirds for three roommates.

Driving: There is plenty of free parking at Antiochian Village, so if you're within reach, this is a great way to come.

Airports: If you are flying in, your best bet is Pittsburgh International Airport. There is a closer, smaller airport in Latrobe, but the only carrier is Spirit. There are also Amtrak and Greyhound stations in Latrobe, which is 20 minutes from Antiochian Village.

Airport Transportation: Group transportation will be arranged to and from the airport and will be sold separately at a later date. We will email you the details when available. You are welcome to make separate arrangements, but do keep in mind that Uber and Lyft will not provide service to Antiochian Village from the airport.

What to Wear: This retreat is a come-as-you-are party! Please feel free to wear comfortable clothes. The weather will be cold, so dress accordingly, especially if you're someone who likes to go out for a walk during free time. We will be celebrating Divine Liturgy together on Sunday morning, so please bring "church clothes" for that.

Questions: Please don't hesitate to contact Melinda Johnson at with any questions.

We are looking forward very much to spending time with you!

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