Prayer Book of the Early Christians, paperback

  • Prayer Book of the Early Christians, paperback
  • Prayer Book of the Early Christians, hardcover edition (no longer available)
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translated and edited by John McGuckin

Recently re-released in a paperback edition.

 Designed for any 21st-century Christian, this prayer book gathers prayers and rituals from the ancient Church (especially early Greek Christianity), representing them for the use of Christians at home, in small prayer groups, and house churches. Harkening back to worship of the early Christians, this prayer book offers structure of offices and blessing rituals for all times of day and year, and articulates many prayers for religious needs including bereavement, house blessing, praise, and thanksgiving.

"Fr. John has done a great service to Christians everywhere by making the prayers of the early church available, particularly in such beautiful and accessible language. As we turn these pages we join with the saints of all ages in a united hymn of praise." —Frederica Mathewes-Green


Translator / Editor: John McGuckin

Paperback: 224 pages

Dimensions: 6.2 X 9 inches

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