Patterns for Life: An Orthodox Reflection on Charlotte Mason Education


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by Lisa Rose and Laura E. Wolfe

 "The first time we look into our child’s eyes and encounter the immortality that pools in their depths, we suddenly become aware of the immense responsibility we carry as parents. There are so many ways to serve the Lord in a lifetime, so many different paths to take, so much good to do; but the order of things suddenly crystallizes into a new pattern the moment we become parents." And so begins Lisa Rose's and Laura E. Wolfe's (Sasha and the Dragon, The Lion and the Saint) journey into the detailed and intricate, wonderful, and ever-new world of Charlotte Mason education. Many home-schooling families know of Charlotte Mason, but what is the best way to employ her in the home, with children of different ages and different interests? This book, by two classically-minded and diversely-educated, Orthodox Christian homeschoolers, lays out not just a bunch of principles, but what these principles look like in daily and even hourly detail, how they are implemented with various children, what Biblical and theological truths sit behind these principles, and at the center of it all, the reality that parents are not creating a new person in the home, but have a fully intact person already on their hands. As such, our small person, wholly unique in the Image of God, ought not be pressed into a system (standardized norms and tests), but developed through patterns that will help bring out the person God intends. This is the purpose and goal of Patterns for Life.


Authors: Lisa Rose and Laura E. Wolfe

Paperback: 304 pages

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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