Orthodox Chant - Arnaudov (mp3 download)

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Item No 008783D

by The Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir

in Church Slavonic

A delightful cross section of Eastern Orthodox chant with Bulgarian flavor, sung by the fabulous female voices of The Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir. This choir has performed across Europe under the direction of Theodora Pavlovitch. Review: This is a remarkably refreshing recording from a Bulgarian womenr's choir. This group sings with a clear, light sound. The tempos are crisp, the nuances are elegant, and the repetoire—innovative, ranging from age-old Bulgarian chants to compositions by modern-day Bulgarian composers such as Ivan Spassov (1934-1996) and Alexander Tanev (1928-1996). Several of the works (Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Shvedov) are arranged from the original mixed-choir versions, while others (Chesnokov) are original compositions for treble voices. A most enjoyable recording!


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