A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain: Discussion with a Hermit on the Jesus Prayer

  • A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain: Discussion with a Hermit on the Jesus Prayer by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos
  • A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain: Discussion with a Hermit on the Jesus Prayer
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by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos 

translated from the Greek by Effie Mavromichali

Written in the form of a dialogue, the book centers on a discussion the author had with a holy Elder and hermit one evening in the desert of the Holy Mountain, mainly on the subject of the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” It is an aid to all who wish to practice the Jesus Prayer and makes clear how essential this prayer is in our life.

The Holy Mountain is Mt. Athos, a 40 mile long peninsula in northeastern Greece which is home to several thousand Orthodox monks, whose chief work is "praying without ceasing" using the Jesus Prayer, handed down from the early Church. The "desert" refers to some of the very isolated places on Athos populated by hermit monks living hidden away in little huts or caves (as opposed to the large ancient monasteries on Athos). If we say that the Church is the spiritual army of God, then the monks are the Marines and the hermits are the Green Berets of prayer, interceding for the world and defeating the demons.

The author is a frequent pilgrim to the Holy Mountain, the spiritual heartland of the Orthodox world. After a particularly fruitful visit with a hermit monk (a God-bearing elder who prefers anonymity), he wrote down their discussion about the Jesus Prayer and published it in Greek (now in over 9 Greek editions). It appeared in English in 1991, with six reprints and a revision, as well as in French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. This fascinating conversation has become a modern classic of Orthodox Christian spiritual literature, in the tradition of the Philokalia. Imported from Greece.

About the Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos is a bishop in the Orthodox Church of Greece, and the author of many books on Christian spiritual life and theology. He is one of the most highly respected and widely read ascetical theologians in the Orthodox Church today.


Author: Metropolitan Hierotheeos Vlachos, translated by Effie Mavromichali

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Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos
204 pages
4.8 x 7.6 inches
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