Marriage as a Path to Holiness: Lives of Married Saints


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Item No. 001850

by David and Mary Ford

This new expanded and revised 20th anniversary edition of Marriage, a Path to Holiness includes the lives of over 180 married saints. Also of interest is the extensive introduction, in which the authors present a summary of the consensus understanding of marriage in the Orthodox Tradition, using many quotations from various saints. 

Drawing on the lives of the saints, this book provides us with a selection of models—of icons in words—to encourage us on our own journey to the kingdom, whether we are married or not. What is striking about the examples chosen is their diversity. They are spread in time across nearly four thousand years, from the Old Testament era up to our own day. In space they extend from Persia in the east to Alaska in the west, from Egypt in the south to England in the north. In each case the story has been told in a simple but vivid style, with frequent quotations from the original sources and from the liturgical texts. 


Authors: David and Mary Ford

Paperback: 372 pages

Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches

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