Journey to Fullness DVD Set, plus 10 Student Workbooks

  • Journey to Fullness DVD Set, plus 10 Student Workbooks
  • Student Workbook
  • 2-DVD set
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Journey to Fullness 2-DVD set, plus 10 Student Workbooks

produced by Faith Encouraged Ministries

"A Journey to Fullness" is an outreach tool for parishes like yours seeking a consistent, practical means of engaging people who want to learn more about the Orthodox Faith. Comprising sixteen 20-minute video sessions, "A Journey to Fullness" is the first step along the path to becoming a catechumen. It’s designed for use in the parish, Sunday School class, small group, youth group, Adult Education group, and other settings where you need a systematic way to educate people about the basics of the Orthodox Faith.

The accompanying Student Workbooks will help each participant interact more deeply with the materials, spurring questions and discussion.



Journey to Fullness 1 - Is this Trip Really Necessary?

Journey to Fullness 2 - What Is the Orthodox Church?

Journey to Fullness 3 - When Did Orthodoxy Begin?

Journey to Fullness 4 - Characteristics of Orthodox Christianity

Journey to Fullness 5 - Mindset Matters

Journey to Fullness 6 - A Healing Purpose

Journey to Fullness 7 - Truth and Tradition

Journey to Fullness 8 - How Do I Understand the Bible?

Journey to Fullness 9 - When We Say God Part 1

Journey to Fullness 10 - When We Say God Part 2

Journey to Fullness 11 - God With Us

Journey to Fullness 12 - Our Ultimate Purpose

Journey to Fullness 13 - Salvation as Participation

Journey to Fullness 14 - Orthodox Worship

Journey to Fullness 15 - A Beautiful Rhythm

Journey to Fullness 16 - The Journey Continues


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This DVD set was produced in the United States and will play on all DVD players manufactured and/or sold in the United States (NTSC format).

Also available for download (either individual sessions or the full set of videos) at:


Author / Editor: Fr. Barnabas Powell

Format: 2 DVDs plus ten, 90-page workbooks

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