Icon: A Novel

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Item No. 9781944967192

by Georgia Briggs

Forget your old name. Forget your parents. These are the things Euphrosyne’s grandparents and counselor tell her. But if Orthodox Christianity is a lie, why did the icon so dramatically save her life? And what can she do to get the icon back?

In a post-Christian America, where going to church, praying, or owning holy things means death, a twelve-year-old girl searches for the truth. Finding it may cost her everything.

Thanks to many reader requests, Georgia Briggs has created a Discussion Questions guide for her novel that can be used by book clubs, youth groups, homeschoolers, or anyone who'd like to start a conversation about this thought-provoking story! The guide has been included in the second printing of the book, which is now available.

The Discussion Questions guide is also available for free download at the link below.

icon-discussion-questions-graphic.jpgDownload the Icon Discussion Questions PDF

About the Author: Georgia Briggs was born and raised by two Anglophiles in Birmingham, Alabama. She now lives in the country with her husband, her two stepdaughters, and their chubby Boston terrier. When she is not writing or working as a librarian, she enjoys baking cookies and singing along with recordings of Russian men’s choirs. Georgia is a member of Saint Symeon Orthodox Church in Birmingham.


Age Range: 13+

Author: Georgia Briggs

Format: Paperback

Also available as an ebook

Dimensions: 5 X 7.5 inches

Page Length: 216 pages

Publisher: Ancient Faith

ISBN: 9781944967192

Retail Price: $14.95

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Georgia Briggs
216 pages
5 x 7.5 inches
Ancient Faith Publishing
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