Hymns of Paradise: Hymns of Life and Hope (mp3 download)

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Item No. 006082D

In English. Chanted by Fr. Apostolos Hill

A collection of hymns from the Eastern Orthodox funeral service in the Byzantine tradition. The recording includes the entire service (including the Trisagion), and is complete with the Epistle and Gospel readings. Clearly presented are the core hymns of the service composed by St. Isaac the Syrian and St. John of Damascus.

While it is “funeral music,” the chant presentation is joyous and beautiful, conveying the theological underpinnings of the Christian hope in the resurrection. 

Artist: Fr. Apostolos Hill

Publisher: Liturgica label, now distributed by Ancient Faith Publishing

Also available as a CD.

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01 Troparia, Tone 4

02 Everlasting Be Their Memory

03 Trisagion Hymn

04 First Stasis of 17th Kathisma, Tone 6

05 Second Stasis of 17th Kathisma, Tone 5

06 Third Stasis of 17th Kathisma, Tone 8

07 Evlogetaria for the Dead, Tone 5

08 Troparia, Tone 8

09 Funeral Hymn One, Tone 1

10 Funeral Hymn Two, Tone 2

11 Funeral Hymn Three, Tone 3

12 Funeral Hymn Four, Tone 4

13 Funeral Hymn Five, Tone 5

14 Funeral Hymn Six, Tone 6

15 Funeral Hymn Seven, Tone 7

16 Funeral Hymn Eight, Tone 8

17 Prokeimenon, Tone 3

18 The Funeral Epistle

19 The Funeral Gospel

20 Stichera of the Last Kiss

21 Aionia I mnimi

22 Trisagios

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