Guardian Angels: The Invisible Battle

  • Guardian Angels: The Invisible Battle, First Edition
  • Guardian Angels: The Invisible Battle, First Edition. What's inside the box?
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Guardian Angels: The Invisible Battle, First Edition

"Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you." (John 12:35)

This is a full game set, complete with all components for you to start playing right away. This Edition Wisdom card set is based solely on the Old and New Testaments, so it is suitable for any Christian family, of any denomination. Up to 4 players (or four teams if there are more than 4 players).

This is not a children's game, even though kids love to play it along with adults. Nor is it an ordinary entertainment board game, although it is a lot of fun to play. Above all it is an educational game, the main purpose of which is remembering the events of the Bible and observing the Invisible Battle. As any educational activity it requires some effort and patience.

What's in the box?

  • Game board
  • 24 Wisdom cards
  • 17 Battle cards
  • 4+3 blank Wisdom & Battle cards (for your own contents)
  • Archangel figure on a stand
  • 50 Grace bands and the Blaster
  • Human, Angel and passion figures, 4 each
  • Church puzzle and a bag
  • 8-sided dice
  • Instruction booklet

The game-parable is:

  • Socially bonding: put away your smartphones and spend quality time together, face to face.
  • Educational and surprising: think, remember, discuss, and learn amazing things!
  • Cooperative and non-competitive: all players work together towards a common goal.
  • Strategic: includes gathering and spending vital resources.
  • Incredibly real: notice the game happening in your own life!


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