Good Friday, Bulgarian Orthodox Liturgy (mp3 download)

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Item No 008780D

by a Mixed Choir directed by M. Popsavov

in Church Slavonic

The conductor has selected nine of the most popular chants for festive services dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ and his sufferings during the last three days of his earthly life. Famous composers of Russian sacred music like Kedrov, Bakhmetiev and Tchaikovsky, as well as the Bulgarian Dobri Hristov, arranged and harmonized the old church motifs, thus turning them into brilliant pieces full of compassion and glorification of Christ's sacrifice. The chants are sung in Church-Slavonic with the fluency and timbre variety characteristic of East-Orthodox music.

Artist: Mixed Choir, directed by M. Popsavov

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The Great Litany

The Noble Joseph

The Lamentations


Kanon for Good Saturday

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