Eikona - Sacred Hymns of the Divine Liturgy (MP3)

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Item No. 007442d

by Eikona

In English

This album is a compilation of many well-known liturgical hymns of the Orthodox church, sung in several modes. It features the beautiful hymn Agni Parthene.

Track listing:

  1. Agni Parthene
  2. Typica 1st Stansis (Pl. 1st Mode)
  3. Only Begotten Son (Pl. 1st Mode)
  4. Come Let Us Worship (2nd Mode)
  5. Trisagion Hymn (Pl. 4th Mode)
  6. Your Cross (2nd Mode)
  7. Cherubic Hymn (4th Mode)
  8. Agapiso Se (1st Mode)
  9. I will Love You (Pl. 4th Mode)
  10. Se Imnumen (Pl. 4th Mode)
  11. Axion Estin (3rd Mode)
  12. It is Truly Right (Pl. 1st Mode)
  13. Praise the Lord (Grave Mode)
  14. Tou Dipnou (Pl. 2nd Mode)
  15. Monday Communion Hymn (4th Mode)
  16. Tuesday Communion Hymn (1st Mode)
  17. Wednesday Communion Hymn (3rd Mode)
  18. Thursday Communion Hymn (Pl. 4th Mode)
  19. Friday Communion Hymn (Pl. 1st Mode)
  20. Saturday Communion Hymn (Pl. 1st Mode)
  21. Let Our Mouths Be Filled (Pl. 1st Mode)
  22. The Great Doxology (Pl. 2nd Mode)
  23. Today Is Salvation (3rd Mode)


Artist: Eikona

Format: MP3



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