Eikona - Prayers for Orthodox Christians (MP3)

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by Eikona

In English. This album features spoken prayers; the prayers are neither chanted nor sung.

Eikona presents a collection of prayers useful to our "commuter culture": Morning Prayers, Prayers Before and After Holy Communion and Small Compline. Prayer and worship are at the heart of our Orthodox Christian Faith. The Lord himself taught us to pray "Our Father,” and “Not my will, but Thy will be done."

This collection of prayers is from Holy Transfiguration Monastery’s A Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians.

Track listing:

  1. Morning Prayers
  2. Small Compline
  3. Small Compline (continued)
  4. The Service of Preparation for Holy Communion
  5. The Canon of Preparation for Holy Communion
  6. Prayers Before Holy Communion
  7. First Prayer, St. Basil the Great
  8. Second Prayer, St. Basil the Great
  9. Third Prayer, St. John Chrysostom
  10. Fourth Prayer, St. John Chrysostom
  11. Fifth Prayer, St. John Chrysostom
  12. Sixth Prayer, St. John the Damascene
  13. Seventh Prayer, St. Symeon the New Theologian
  14. Eighth Prayer, St. Symeon Metaphrastes
  15. Ninth Prayer, St. John the Damascene
  16. Tenth Prayer, St. John Chrysostom
  17. Verses of St. Symeon Metaphrastes
  18. Thanksgiving After Holy Communion


Artist: Eikona

Format: MP3



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