Eikona - Abundant Mercy: The Polyeleos (MP3)

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Item No. 005783d

by Eikona

In English

Track listing:

  1. Psalm 134 Servants Praise the Lord
  2. Psalm 44 A Good Word
  3. Psalm 135 O Give Thanks
  4. Psalm 136 By the Waters of Babylon
  5. Kyrie Eleison (Greek and English)
  6. O Theotokos and Virgin
  7. Rich Men Have Turned Poor (Greek and English)
  8. Great Doxology (Plagal Fourth Mode Greek)
  9. Great Doxology (Third Mode)
  10. Psalms 1 Through 3 Blessed is the Man


Artist: Eikona

Format: MP3



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