Divine Liturgy Prayer Book (abridged edition)

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An abridged edition of The Divine Liturgy Service Book, designed primarily for lay use. This abbreviated version contains the full Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom as well as prayers for various needs and spiritual hymns.

The design is composed of three languages (English, Church Slavonic, and Serbian) displayed in a parallel format and accompanied by scriptural references.

Compiled by V. Rev. Bozidar Dragicevich (1922-2002)

Further Notes:

  • The entire text is provided in both English and Serbian. Church Slavonic is provided for all those parts of the liturgy which are read aloud and for all the hymns that are sung by choir, clergy and cantors; omitted in the Church Slavonic text are those parts that the priest reads silently, the explanations of the order of the church service, and prayers that Orthodox Christians may read for themselves in church or at home.
  • As for alphabets, only the English and Cyrillic alphabets are used in this book. For the Church Slavonic text, the English alphabet is used.
  • The Psalms are numbered according to their order in the Hebrew Scriptures. For instance, Psalms 50 and 103 in the Septuagint are Psalms 51 and 104 in the English Bible.


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