Christ Amongst Us: An Easy to Understand Commentary on the Orthodox Divine Liturgy

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Proper nourishment during an individual’s childhood sets the foundation for good health for the remainder of his life. Similarly, a conscious participation in the Divine Liturgy from a person’s childhood sets the foundation for their spiritual health and progress—it provides all the spiritual provisions for a lifetime. This book about the Divine Liturgy is intended for children and young people. It is based on the The Divine Liturgy: A Commentary in the Light of the Fathers by Hieromonk Gregorios. The included stories were taken from the remarkable book Miracles and Revelations from the Divine Liturgy published by the Holy Monastery of Paracletos.

Learn about the wonders of the Divine Liturgy!

• What is the Divine Liturgy?

• What happens if we are lazy about attending Church?

• What happens during the Proskomide?

• Why is the Gospel Book closed during the Small Entrance?

• What does the Great Entrance symbolize?

• What is the Trisagion Hymn?

• What doors are referred to in the exclamation “The doors, the doors, in wisdom let us be attentive”?

• When are the bread and wine transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ?

• What is the wonder-working power of Holy Communion?

• What is antidoron?


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