CD - O Champion Leader

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Item No. 004602

by the Saint Vladimir Seminary Octet

In English

This recording features 21 hymns from a variety of Orthodox musical traditions:

1. Come Let Us Worship, Common Chant, N Bakmetev (Obikhod)
2. Bless the Lord (Psalm 103),  Greek Chant, N Kedrov
3. Great Litany,  Putna Monastery Chant, S Froyshov
4. Blessed is the Man (Psalm 1), Kievan Chant, B Ledkovsky
5. Dogmatikon (Hymn to the Theotokos), Znamenny Chant (Tone 5), N Uspensky (transcript)
6. Gladsome Light,  Znamenny Polyphony, N Uspensky (transcript)
7. Prokeimenon “The Lord is King", Carpatho-Russian Chant, P Jannakos
8. Prayer of St Symeon, Byzantine Chant (Tone 6), B Kazan & D Drillock
9. Augmented Litany. Byzantine Chant. A Lingas 
10. Magnification Feast of the Three Hierarchs, Znamenny Chant, B Ledkovsky 
11. Trisagion Hymn,  M Breck
12. Troparion to St Vladimir, Trinity-St Sergius Monastery, Chant 
13. Alleluia and Hymn of Light (Lenten Matins), Znamenny Chant (Tone 5), J von Gardner
14. “Have Mercy On Us" (Great Compline),  Valaam Chant, D Drillock
15. Kanon of St Andrew of Crete (Hirmoi 1-9), Znamenny Chant, A Arkhangelsky 
16. O Taste and See (Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts), Valaam Chant, J Erickson
17. O Champion Leader (Kontakion, Akathistos), Byzantine Chant (Tone 8), S Froyshov 
18. Antiphon XVI (Matins of Great Friday),  Byzantine Chant (Tone 6), J Erickson  & D Drillock 
19. Joseph Together With Nicodemus (Vespers of Great Friday), Pskov Melody, H Benigsen 
20. Cherubic Hymn, Znamenny Polyphony, N Uspensky & S Voytovich 
21. The Angel Cried, Valaam Chant, N Balakirev


Author: St Vladimir Seminary Octet

Format: CD

Bless the Lord (Psalm 103)

Prayer of St. Simeon

Troparion to St. Vladimir

Antiphon XVI Matins of Great Friday

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