CD Come, Bless the Lord (St Symeon Choir, Birmingham, Alabama)

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Item No. 005730

by the St. Symeon Church Choir, Birmingham, Alabama

“Come, Bless the Lord,” is St. Symeon Choir's second full-choir recording, and was created in an effort to preserve for future American Orthodox generations how we sing praises to God in Church, both functionally and spiritually—functionally in that our singing follows in the traditions of the Orthodox choirs that came before us, and spiritually in that our beloved hymns, when sung fervently and in union with the soul, bring us, along with the faithful present, closer to God in worship and closer to repentance in our lives.

Tracks include Kastalsky's "Blessed is the Man," Grechaninov's "It is Truly Meet," and Archbishop Ionafan's "Praise Ye the Name," all recorded for the first time in English.


Artist: St. Symeon Church Choir, Birmingham, Alabama

Format: CD

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