A Visual Catechism of the Orthodox Church (paperback edition)

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by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos 

This book offers essential information to young children and families wishing to come to the Orthodox Church and be baptized. In a simple and concise manner it communicates the basic truths of our faith and what the Orthodox Church is. The first part of the book contains iconographic illustrations with short titles which make clear the central meaning of the picture. In the second part there are brief explanations which analyze and interpret the illustration in more detail. Thus the book provides a visual catechism and makes us aware of Orthodox teachings. Reference is made to the creation of the world, the fall of man, the Incarnation of the Word, and Christ's life and work. We learn about the Triune God, the Church, the Orthodox clergy, the holy temple, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal life. An easy-to-use aid for teachers and catechists, but also for any faithful member of the Church, because it can help to consolidate what he knows in a clear and concise way.

The hardcover book is out of print; only the paperback edition is available.


Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 6.6 X 9.10 inches

Page Length: 111 pages

Publisher: Other Publisher

AFP SKU: 005186P

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