007191 Birka Cross, sterling silver with blue lapis

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Item No. 007191

Birka Cross, sterling silver with blue lapis; approx 1 3/8" h; chain not included.

Delivered in a velvet box with satin lining.

This Birka Cross is based on a 9th century Scandinavian design of a grave find from Birka, Sweden. The original artifact is now a part of the Swedish History Museum’s collections.

Birka was founded in 831 by Saint Anskar and became Sweden’s first known Christian settlement. An important trading center in the medieval route of 8th and 9th century, Birka also served as the central Baltic link connecting Sandinavia, Kievan Rus’, and the Byzantine Empire.The influences of these contacts and trades can be seen in the Byzantine motifs of this piece.

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