In the Candle's Glow (ebook)

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By Elizabeth Crispina Johnson, illustrated by Amandine Wanert 

The bees do their work. The beekeeper does hers. And little Felicia, with the honesty and faith of a child, takes the fruit of the bee and the beekeeper's efforts and lights her candle and prays. She prays once, she prays twice, she prays three prayers, then watches the breeze from the window carry her prayers from the candle heavenward.

About the author

Elizabeth Crispina Johnson writes from her underground house in the Finger Lakes district of New York, where she homeschools, raises chickens, and works on her plans for a gypsy vardo. She has written three previous books published by Ancient Faith Publishing. She attends St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Rochester, NY.

About the illustrator

Amandine Wanert is a French illustrator who currently lives in Paris. She divides her time between children’s books and medical illustration. She enjoyed working on In the Candle’s Glow, capturing the essence of this joyful, lively little girl who can also be contemplative. Amandine especially enjoyed creating the soft, candlelit atmosphere inside the church. The making of this book was an unusually rich experience for her.

Author: Elizabeth Crispina Johnson

Illustrator: Amandine Wanert

also available in hardcover

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