HedgeHope for Easter in Greece

  • HedgeHope for Easter in Greece
  • HedgeHope for Easter in Greece
  • HedgeHope for Easter in Greece
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by Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova

HedgeHope for Easter in Greece inspires us to:

  • Acquire the virtue of "DILIGENCE", of working hard with patience and thanksgiving
  • Learn important lessons from the inspiring lives of Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, Emperor’s fiancé and abbess, and Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki, a soldier and mayor
  • Enjoy the breath-taking sunsets and views of the island of Santorini and the early Christian architecture in Thessaloniki
  • Dance sirtaki on top of a mountain peak
  • Build a wood-fired oven and fix an old mill
  • Prepare at home the traditional "Vasilopita" for New Year and "Tsoureki" for Easter
  • Experience the spiritual beauty of Holy Lent and, with Christ’s Resurrection, become a better person

HedgeHope for Easter in Greece is the fifth in a series of children’s books following the worldwide adventures of the hedgehog baker HedgeHope, who inspires children to "hop with hope over any hedge" of difficulty. The books teach the values of cultural anthropology and are designed to develop emotional intelligence, virtues and empathy. You will both learn about intriguing traditions and have a special opportunity to bake with your children a typical bread or pastry from a recipe collected by the author during her travels.

About the author: Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova is a cultural anthropologist (Princeton University, USA), who has explored diverse cultures across 77 countries and was awarded as Traveler with a Mission of the Year 2012 by the National Geographic. In 2009, Nadezhda founded the international organization Bread Houses Network (www.breadhousesnetwork.org) with the mission to “knead” peace and friendship among isolated and even feuding communities around the world by inspiring them to make, bake, and break bread together.


Author: Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova



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