Becoming Truly Human: The Program (AVAILABLE NOW - PHONE ORDERS ONLY)

  • Becoming Truly Human: The Program (AVAILABLE NOW - PHONE ORDERS ONLY)
  • Becoming Truly Human: The Program (AVAILABLE NOW - PHONE ORDERS ONLY)
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Becoming Truly Human: 2-disc set (1 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray)+ Course Director's Manual + Moderator's Workbook 

Becoming Truly Human is an outreach program designed to engage modern Americans in a conversation about issues too often left unexplored. With these materials, anyone can host an effective discussion group and invite guests to a further exploration of Orthodox Christianity. In the program, you will find a highly engaging and superbly produced feature documentary about the “unaffiliated” category of people who are often referred to as “Nones.” This is the fastest growing demographic in America. 

Included is a Course Director’s Manual and Moderator’s Workbook for leading group discussions. This ministry is designed to be lay-led with your priest as your spiritual advisor. 

About the Film: Meet a group of men and women who consider themselves “religiously unaffiliated.” Learn why they have rejected or at least have serious doubts about Christianity. Then meet Basil, who was also in that category but now is an Orthodox Christian. This 85-minute documentary film is ideal for watching in a group or with your family. It’s sure to result in a meaningful discussion about what it means to be truly human.


Shipped together: 2-disc set (1 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray), manual, and workbook


Format: 2-disc set (1 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray), plus 2 companion books

Length: the film is 85 minutes

Publisher: Ancient Faith Films, in cooperation with the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese

ISBN: 009062

Retail Price: $399.00

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