2024 Icon Calendar (Gregorian version, new calendar)

  • 2024 Icon Calendar (Gregorian version, new calendar)
  • 2024 Icon Calendar (Gregorian version, new calendar)
  • 2024 Icon Calendar (Gregorian version, new calendar)
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Item No. 006561

2024 Icon Calendar, Gregorian or "new" calendar edition. If you celebrate Christmas/Nativity on December 25, this is the proper calendar for you.

  • 11" X 12" full-color calendar features large calendar boxes (1-3/8" X 1-3/4") for recording your important date reminders
  • Major saints and feast days traditionally celebrated in Orthodox countries around the world are listed
  • There are two 11" X 12" pages for each month, with a large size icon image on the top page, and a calendar page below
  • A hole is drilled at the top of the calendar, so that it is easy to hang on your wall

The Ancient Faith 2024 icon calendar, available in Gregorian and Julian formats, features saints and feast days traditionally celebrated in Orthodox countries around the world, as well as fasting-day reminders and iconography information. Each month includes two 11” x 12” pages with a large icon image on the top page. The bottom page displays the calendar month with large boxes (1⅜” x 1¾”) for each day to record important date reminders. This year on certain feast days we have also included QR codes that lead to books and podcast episodes about saints and sacred events.

Features the following icons, all available for purchase at Ancient Faith Store:

  • January - 003228 Christ the Savior, 003368 Mother of God (Also available as a set 003228x003368)
  • February - 002364 Guardian Angel with Girl, 002365 Guardian Angel with Boy
  • March - 008521 Holy Trinity, Hospitality of Abraham
  • April - 003229 Three Holy Martyrs of Vilnius
  • May - 007272 The Resurrection, Harrowing of Hell
  • June - 004562 The Wedding at Cana
  • July - 005252 Handmaidens of the Lord
  • August - 005772 Axion Estin of Emmaus
  • September - 008999 Christ Blessing the Children
  • October - 008810 Sweet Kissing, 008811 Christ the Teacher (Also available as a set 008811x008810)
  • November - 009009 Saint Euphrosynos the Cook
  • December - 008830 Nativity of Christ

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About the Calendar Dates

The feast days shown on this calendar in bold, blue type are the twelve great feast days of the Orthodox Church. Other feast days of some of the most popularly venerated saints of the Orthodox Churches around the world are listed in black, regular type. Dates are listed according to the Gregorian or "new" calendar.

Many days throughout the Orthodox church year are designated as fast days (on which we refrain from eating meat products, milk products, fish, wine, and oil). These fast days, marked in red type, include the four canonical fasting seasons (Great Lent, the Apostles’ fast, the Dormition fast, and the Advent fast), as well as almost every Wednesday and Friday. When a major feast falls during a fasting season, fish, wine, and oil are allowed. In addition, there are also several fast-free weeks and other special fast days. Because fast day designations vary slightly from church to church, consult your local parish for further details.

Credits and Acknowledgments

The icons appearing in this calendar are used with the permission of the iconographers and/or photographers. Any commercial use of this calendar by dismantling or selling prints, or using any part for any form of reproduction (electronic or otherwise), is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Ancient Faith Publishing.

Also available:

Julian or "old" calendar edition, see Item No. 006562


Compiled by: Ancient Faith Publishing

Format: Wall Calendar

Dimensions: 11 X 12 inches

Page Length: 28 pages

Copyright © 2023, Ancient Faith Publishing. All rights reserved.

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