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2014 Icon Calendar

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Features large calendar boxes (1-3/8" X 1-3/4") for recording your important date reminders. 
Major saint and feast days traditionally celebrated in Orthodox countries around the world are listed (dates are according to the new calendar); at least one for each day.
The Sower of Seed
The Publican and Pharisee
  • MARCH—
Lazarus and the Rich Man
  • APRIL—
The Multiplication of  Loaves
  • MAY—
The Ten Lepers
  • JUNE—
Jesus Walking on the Water
  • JULY—
The Healing of the Bent Woman
The Miraculous Catch of Fish
The Healing of the Demoniac
The Raising of the Widow of  Nain’s Son
The Good Samaritan
The Healing of the Centurion’s Servant
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Our 2014 calendar features icons depicting the parables and miracles of Christ by iconographer Dmitry Shkolnik

11" X 12" full-color calendar. Features large calendar boxes (1-3/8" X 1-3/4") for recording your important date reminders. Major saint and feast days traditionally celebrated in Orthodox countries around the world are listed (dates are according to the new calendar).  


About the Iconographer

Dmitry Shkolnik was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1960. While studying in high school, he developed a keen interest in Russian religious art. Upon graduation, he pursued a higher education in the field of architecture. Concurrently, he cultivated a knowledge of Russian craft art in the form of lacquer miniatures and icon restoration.

In 1979–80, Dmitry began to work for the Russian Patriarchal Workshops (now known as SOFRINO). In 1981 he immigrated to the United States with his family. He enrolled in the Theological Seminary at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, in 1983. In his time there, he apprenticed under the well-known iconographer Archimandrite Ciprian (Pyzhov). In 1988 Dmitry completed seminary with a Bachelor in Theology.

In his over 30 years in the United States, Dmitry has written over 2,000 icons, completed over two dozen iconostases, and painted numerous church frescoes, murals, and wall ornamentations. He is an active member of the International Union of Artists and has collaborated with some of the most noted Russian and American iconographers, including Alexander Lavdansky, Alexy Vronsky, Anton Yarzhombeck, Alexander Cherniy, Victor Kazanin, and others. You can see his work in churches and private collections all over the United States from Florida to Alaska, Canada, Central and South America, France, Australia, Japan, Russia, Greece, and many other countries. 

Dmitry Shkolnik lives in San Carlos, California, with his wife and children.

Contact infomation: Website—www.shkolnikstudio.com •  E-mail—shkolnikstudio@hotmail.com.


About the Icons Featured in this Calendar

The Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (OCA) was founded in 1962 by Father George Gladky, and become the hub from which Archbishop DIMITRI established the missionary Diocese of the South. In 1994, the Cathedral moved to its present location in Miami Lakes, and completed construction of the new temple in 2006. The following year, Dmitry Shkolnik and his team began the iconography project, which is ongoing. The featured series of icons on the “Parables and Miracles of Christ” was completed in January 2013. For more information on the Cathedral, and additional images of the temple, go to www.OrthodoxMiami.org, or contact them at 16601 NW 77 Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016.


About the Calendar Dates

The feast days shown on this calendar in bold, blue type are the twelve great feast days of the Orthodox Church. Other feast days of some of the most popularly venerated saints of the Orthodox Churches around the world are listed in black, regular type. 

Dates are listed according to the Gregorian or “new” calendar. (Except for those feasts with their dates tied to the date of Pascha, add 13 days to determine the date celebrated according to the old calendar—e.g. Theophany, on January 6, would be celebrated on the civil date of January 19 for those Orthodox churches on the old calendar.) The date for Pascha (commonly known as Easter in the West) falls on April 20 in 2014, the same day as Western Easter. Only occasionally does the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ occur on the same date in East and West.

Many days throughout the Orthodox church year are designated as fast days (on which we refrain from eating meat products, milk products, fish, wine, and oil). These fast days, marked in red type, include the four canonical fasting seasons (Great Lent, the Apostles’ fast, the Dormition fast, and the Advent fast), as well as almost every Wednesday and Friday. When a major feast falls during a fasting season, fish, wine & oil are allowed. In addition, there are also several fast-free weeks and other special fast days. Because fast day designations vary slightly from church to church, consult your local parish for further details.


Each of the icons in the calendar will also be available for purchase as a mounted icon (available mid-October).

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